Sunday, February 19, 2017

News Update 2/18/17: Fallout Continues From Previous Week’s ICE Raids

One of Trump's "bad hombres"
More than a week later, immigrant communities are still suffering from the effects of the Trump administration’s nationally coordinated arrests of some 680 immigrants. DACA recipient Daniel Ramirez Medina remains in custody; his lawyers say ICE may have altered a document. Another detainee is a transgender woman seized after she filed for a protection order—and her abuser may be the one who tipped ICE off that she’d be in court that day. Meanwhile, a pro-Trump community in Missouri finds that one of the detained “bad hombres” is a respected local restaurateur.

‘Psychological warfare’: immigrants in America held hostage by fear of raids
After a week of raids and an alarming government leak, uncertainty hangs over immigrant communities as they wait to see what Trump will do next

By Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian
February 18, 2017
Immigrant communities across the United States are in a state of fear and uncertainty after a week of immigration raids and leaks from the Trump administration that have raised the specter of a mass deportations.[…]

Lawyers for 'Dreamer' detained in Seattle allege authorities tampered with client's note

By Nina Shapiro, The Seattle Times
February 18, 2017
Lawyers for a detained "Dreamer" went to court Friday seeking his immediate release and calling his arrest unconstitutional, but a federal magistrate ruled he wasn't empowered to free the man without giving an immigration judge a "first crack."[...]

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Customs arrest in courthouse sends “horrible” message, official says

By CBS/Associated Press
February 17, 2017
EL PASO, Texas -- Local Texas officials said a review of courthouse security footage shows federal immigration agents detained a transgender woman seeking a protective order for alleged domestic violence while she was inside the courthouse.[...]

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Friends, family rally behind West Frankfort restaurant manager detained by ICE

By Molly Parker, The Southern
February 18, 2017

WEST FRANKFORT — For more than a week, a popular West Frankfort businessman and community leader has been in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a detention facility in Montgomery City, Missouri, as his neighbors, family and friends work to bring him home.

Carlos Hernandez Pacheco, 38, from Mexico, was arrested at his home in West Frankfort on Feb. 9 and has since been held in the Montgomery County Jail, which is also an ICE detention facility about an hour west of St. Louis.[…]

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