Sunday, February 12, 2017

ICE Arrests 40 New Yorkers in "Raids on Our Communities"

ICE Confirms 40 Immigration Arrests In NYC Area Last Week
Photo: The Gothamist

By Emma Whitford, The Gothamist
February 12, 2017

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has conducted dozens of operations in the metropolitan area in the last week and arrested approximately 40 people, according to a leaked ICE memo acquired and published by the New York Immigration Coalition. The leak comes on the heels of reports Saturday night that ICE had arrested and detained five men of Mexican nationality in Staten Island.

Reports of ICE activity in the five boroughs also follow a week of heightened tension among immigrant communities and activists, with confirmation of raids and targeted arrests in at least six states including California, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Illinois. Advocates based in Hudson, New York also confirmed at least four people detained by ICE this month. While ICE has issued statements describing the arrests as "routine," advocates say they are troubled by the pace and scale of ICE operations, which they believe may indicate President Donald Trump is firing up the deportation machine.

One of Trump's recent executive orders targets for deportation any non-citizen with an arrest on his or her record. A recent analysis from the Los Angeles Times estimates that as many as 8 million people could be considered a deportation priority under Trump.[...]

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Make the Road New York Denounces ICE Raids 


Contact (English & Spanish): Deborah Axt,, 347-432-6254
Daniel Altschuler,, 917-494-5922

New Yorkers will not be tricked by attempts to portray targeted immigrants as criminals

New York, NY (2/12/17) - In response to the fact sheet that the Department of Homeland Security released yesterday announcing that "approximately 40 foreign nationals were arrested this week in the five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding areas areas during a targeted enforcement operation conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) aimed at immigration fugitives, re-entrants and at-large criminal aliens," Deborah Axt, Co-Executive Director of Make the Road New York, issued the following statement on behalf of the organization's 20,000 members:

"Make the Road New York denounces these raids on our communities, which are designed to destroy families and spread panic and insecurity, weakening our city and the nation as a whole."[...]

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