Monday, February 5, 2018

Update 2/5/18: Immigration News You May Have Missed

Recent Polls, DACA/TPS Fallout, MS-13 Solution, Border Deaths

Polls show Americans are closer to Democrats than Donald Trump on immigration
Americans want to help DREAMers, don’t want a wall, and don’t want to cut immigration levels.

By Dylan Matthews, Vox
February 5, 2018
…[O]n the big questions, the prevailing public sentiment is reasonably clear: People want relief for DREAMers. They don’t want a border wall. And they want immigration levels kept constant or increased, not lowered. It’s totally in line with public sentiment for Democrats and pro-immigration Republicans in Congress to insist on a deal that helps DREAMers without building a wall or cracking down on immigration.[…]

With DACA in Limbo, Teachers Protected by the Program Gird for the Worst

By Erica L. Green, New York Times
February 1, 2018
Karen Reyes spends her days teaching a group of deaf toddlers at Lucy Read Pre-Kindergarten School in Austin, Tex., how to understand a world they cannot hear.[…]

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If Immigrants Are Pushed Out, Who Will Care for the Elderly?

By Paula Span, New York Times
February 2, 2018
[…]But because her helper is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, both women increasingly fear that she’ll be detained and deported. (I’m withholding their names for that reason.)[…]

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Former Gang Members Offer Advice on How to Combat MS-13

By Jonathan Blitzer, New Yorker
January 30, 2018
U.S. authorities often portray MS-13, which started in this country in the nineteen-eighties, as a massive criminal enterprise reminiscent of the Mexican drug cartels. That vastly overstates the gang’s power, but, in some ways, undersells it, too.[…]

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Death on the Border: Trump Border Patrol Crackdown Shines Light On Rising Number Of Migrant Deaths

By Immigration Prof
February 2, 2018
NPR reports that the recent arrest of an activist from the group No More Deaths is highlighting the rising number of people who die crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and the challenges that humanitarian workers confront when they try to help. At least 7,209 people have died while illegally crossing the southwestern border over the past 20 years, according to U.S. Border Patrol data, but an investigation by USA Today finds official statistics underestimate the number of deaths. The number is much higher because, for the most part, federal authorities' casualty count does not include people whose remains are recovered by local authorities.[…]

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