Sunday, May 14, 2017

“Politics of Immigration” News: Excerpts, Dialogues, and a Chronology

The second edition of The Politics of Immigration is due out in a little more than a week, but we’ve already started facilitating events and making additions to our blog and our website.

We’re now occasionally posting excerpts from the book which seem especially relevant to breaking news stories. The postings so far have dealt with “What Trump Doesn’t Get About MS-13,” “How Much Would Trump’s Wall Really Cost?” and “What’s Up With the Kushners and the EB-5 Visa?

We’ve also just facilitated our first two immigration dialogues for the Trump era. These were both held on May 10 at Bard High School Early College Manhattan, where the students organized a teach-in around the theme of “civic engagement.” We’ve facilitated about three dozen dialogues and other events since the publication of the first edition, and we look forward to doing many more in the coming months. Please contact us if you’re interested in hosting one.

Today we’ve enhanced the website with the new edition’s “Immigration and the Law: A Chronology.” In addition to the material in the book, the web version has hyperlinks to the texts of the laws and court decisions. We can also update it as new legal issues arise, and we can make improvements and add material. We welcome comments from readers who feel that something should be added or that we’ve got something wrong. Write us at

And if you’re going to Left Forum in New York the weekend of June 2, be sure to check out our panel, “Immigrant Rights in 2017: Crisis and Opportunity?” More information to follow.

Immigrants at Ellis Island, 1902

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