Friday, May 19, 2017

Action Kit for Haitian TPS – May 19

ACTION ALERT! The Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) is calling for activists to telephone Homeland Security today, May 19, and demand that the government not go ahead with its plan to end TPS for Haitians. We're reposting BAJI’s alert below, along with links.

BAJI created a simple action kit to help you call DHS and tag them on social media asking them to tell Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to extend TPS.  Click here to access the toolkit, which has contact phone numbers, a sample script and social media posts for you to take action today.

A few facts:

·                            Communities living in Florida, New York, and New Jersey will be hit especially hard, as these are home to most of the  U.S. Haitian diaspora.
·                            Most Haitians with TPS have lived in the U.S. for 7-15 years, they have families here and contribute to their communities and Haiti’s recovery by working with authorized work permits.
·                            In addition to the devastating 2010 Earthquake, Haiti has been hit by a cholera epidemic leaving nearly 1 million people sick and just last October a category 4 hurricane hit the island.
·                            Under no circumstances are the conditions in Haiti stable enough to receive deportees safely.
·                            Deporting Haitians with TPS would also hurt the U.S., costing an estimated $469 million dollars  according to a new report:

Advocates across the country are working hard to convince key decision makers that extending TPS is the right thing to do. Join BAJI now and let the Haitian community know that they are not alone! Let’s stand together and fight for one another.

                                 CLICK HERE for the action toolkit!!

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