Saturday, May 13, 2017

AFL-CIO Issues Toolkit on Workplace Raids

The AFL-CIO has produced a useful toolkit to help workers and union officials prepare for immigration raids at the workplace and for I-9 “silent raids.” As the authors point out, the two types of raid have a way of happening when a company’s workers are organizing; technically the government is committed to holding back in these cases, but the reality is often different. Note: the toolkit describes conventional, strictly legal approaches to resisting the raids, not more the militant responses we see with groups like the Tom Cat Bakery workers.--TPOI editor.

We Will Defend and Resist
AFL-CIO, May 9, 2017
Too often, workplace raids and audits are used as cover to suppress the rights of working people who speak up for safe, just and dignified working conditions. Below are many of the materials and tools we developed to prepare for, and resist, the unjust workplace raids and audits that undermine the rights of all workers.


I. Introduction
II. Frequently Asked Questions About I-9 Audits
III. What Are the Steps in an I-9 Audit?
IV. What Happens if an I-9 Audit Occurs While Workers Are Exercising Their Rights?
V. Guidance on the I-9 Process for Organizers and Advocates
VI. Frequently Asked Questions About Workplace Raids
VII. Preparing for a Possible Workplace Raid
VIII. Guidance on Social Security Administration "No-Match" Letters
IX. Sample Union Contract Language on Immigration Protections
X. Appendices
XI. Special Thanks

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