Saturday, November 28, 2015

Another Wave of Hunger Strikes Launched at 3 Detention Centers

By #Not1More
November 25, 2015

While many will enjoy the company of their loved ones tonight, 110 detainees in 3 different detention centers will be on a hunger strike demanding they be released immediately from immigration detention.

Take a minute to sign this petition in support of the hunger strikers and tell ICE to release them from detention.

Last night asylum seekers and detainees at the Theo Lacey, Otay, and Etowah Detention Centers began a hunger strike to demand their release. The 110 hunger strikers are putting their bodies on the line, refusing food to denounce the inhumane treatment they endure in these facilities, where their human dignity is ignored by ICE agents and the immigration detention system.

Many of the men taking part in the hunger strikes came to this country seeking protection and fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries only to face the injustice of the immigration system here. In multiple cases, hunger strikers passed their credible fear interviews making them eligible to fight their asylum case outside detention, but ICE refuses to release them. Other hunger strikers have been detained for up to 2 years and are asking for the opportunity to be united with their families and communities.

The conditions at the Theo Lacey, Otay, and Etowah Detention Centers have pushed some of the men to attempt suicide for fear of deportation to countries where they will face persecution from the goverment.

The character of who we are in this country is being tested. As President Obama says that we can't turn away refugees and candidates take varying positions, the hunger strikers make the political debate real, concrete, and human. Sign and share this petition, support the 110 hunger strikers by sending a message to ICE demanding their release from immigration detention.

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