Saturday, November 7, 2015

A 'No Haitians' job ad shows discrimination is not dead

By Monica Campbell, PRI's The World
October 21, 2015

A healthcare company this month placed an ad in a New York pennysaver newsletter, seeking a female nurse. In addition to needing to be laid back and have experience with respiratory management, the woman needed to not be Hatian.

“I thought it was a hoax,” says WLRN reporter Nadege Green, when she first saw the ad.

The company, Interim Healthcare, is based in Florida, and one of its franchisees placed the ad in New York. As word of the ad spread through social media, outrage grew, especially among Haitian Americans across the United States.

Green followed the reaction from South Florida, with its large Haitian immigrant community. "People started talking about how, in 2015, you have what appears to be this type of discrimination happening," she says.[...]

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