Saturday, April 20, 2013

NIYA Infiltrates Michigan ICE: Calhoun County Jail

Dream Activist
April 15, 2013

Claudia Munoz (A#205-001-963), an organizer with the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, is currently detained at the Calhoun County Jail, in Michigan.

In a video message that she shot before her arrest and detention, Claudio states she allowed herself to be caught by Customs and Border Protection in an effort to expose the abuses that happen inside immigrant detention centers. Since Claudia has been detained inside the Calhoun County Jail for the past 10 days, she has witnesses numerous due process violations and abuses conducted by ICE officials:

Due process violations: CBP agents intentionally misinterpreted detainees in order to incriminate them, which is a violation of their due process.

Forcing detainees to agree to voluntary departure: ICE Liaison, Officer J. Jolin, was seen forcing detainees to agree to voluntary departure. Office Jolin told a detainee that “I can bring in 3 deputies and make you sign it!” in order to compel signature. Additionally, a detainee was locked away in a room ‘until he changed his mind.’ Office Jolin also threatened one man with “20-years in prison if you don’t sign.” These reports corroborate past allegations that ICE officials have forced individuals to relinquish their legal rights. [...]

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