Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day Laborers Skeptical of ‘Doesn’t Solve Anything’ Reform

By Juan Matossian, El Diario La Prensa
April 22, 2013

Translated by Emily Leavitt from Spanish
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Day laborers are complaining that if the immigration bill ends up requiring people to show proof of continuos work history they will end up being excluded. “Everyone knows that they pay us in cash,” said one. (Photo from Flickr, Creative Commons License)
Day laborers and domestic workers have responded to the proposed bill for immigration reform with skepticism and disappointment; they don’t believe it will help improve their situation if it gets passed.

“It doesn’t solve anything for us and it seems like they want to exclude us,” complained Roberto Menses, who has been working as a day laborer in Queens since 1991. “A work permit doesn’t guarantee us more work or even any benefits, and the requirements for obtaining residency or citizenship appear impossible for a day laborer to fulfill.” [...]

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