Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Upside Down World Has Relaunched; Now Let’s Help It Expand

Dear friends,

As you know, many immigrants to the United States come from Latin American and the Caribbean, and understanding developments in those regions is an important part of understanding how to address immigration policy.

Recently Upside Down World, an indispensable source for news from the Latin American grassroots, relaunched after a brief hiatus. Upside Down World is now looking for ways to continue and expand its coverage. The site is seeking monthly subscribers, as described below. Please join us in supporting this important effort.

TPOI authors

Since launching in 2003, Upside Down World has received no funding or support from any government or corporation; our reporting is free of state or corporate influence, allowing us to share analyses and follow stories without constraint. So we depend on you, our readership, to sustain and expand this grassroots media outlet. Your monthly subscription will help provide fair compensation for everyone’s work at Upside Down World—the only way to guarantee quality on-the-ground reporting, analyses, and translations.

To support Upside Down World, go here:
(If you don’t get the subscription page immediately, click on “Overview.”)

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