Thursday, November 16, 2017

Organizers: 'Border Encuentro’ gained momentum in its second year

Photo: Kendal Blust/Nogagles International
By Kendal Blust, Nogales International
November 14, 2017
Under a canopy of large white flags printed with the Veterans for Peace logo, a group of activists and protestors from across the country marched through downtown Nogales on Saturday carrying signs and chanting slogans in opposition to U.S. military intervention in Latin America.

A weekend of events in Ambos Nogales and Southern Arizona that included vigils, concerts, workshops and the protest march, the second annual Border Encuentro is the re-imagining of longstanding School of the Americas Watch protests in Fort Benning, Ga., with organizers calling for an end to U.S. policies that they say are the root causes of migration and have had devastating effects on refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants.

“We’ve been at this for 25 years before coming to the border last year. We realized it was time to continue to call for the closing of the school but to make a closer connection to our solidarity with the issues of our country’s cruelty dealing with immigration,” said Rev. Roy Bourgeois, who helped found SOA Watch, the organization behind the protests. “The detention centers, the wall, which we see as a symbol of racism, especially now, with (President Donald Trump).”

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