Sunday, April 9, 2017

More CBP Abuse: Government Pays $1 Million for Hernández Beating Death

Luz Rojas, Anastasio Hernández´s mother. Photo: La Prensa (San Diego)
Border agents beat an undocumented immigrant to death. The U.S. is paying his family $1 million.
…[N]one of the agents involved have been fired or disciplined or “lost a dime of pay,” for a beating that broke five of Hernandez’s ribs, damaged his spine and ultimately killed him…

By Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Washington Post
March 28, 2017
Anastacio Hernandez’s final screams had drawn a crowd.

The undocumented immigrant yelped “ayúdame” and “no hice nada” — “help” and “I didn’t do anything” in Spanish — as more than a dozen U.S. Border Patrol agents clobbered him with batons and shocked him with a Taser again and again.

When the man was bloodied and unconscious, the Border Patrol agents turned their attention to a nearby pedestrian bridge, where shocked onlookers gawked and recorded with small cameras, a witness said.

“I heard someone passing say ‘la imigra,’” Ashley Young, one of the people holding a camera that night, told The Washington Post, using the Spanish phrase for immigration agents. “I looked around, and two officers were coming across the bridge to shoo people away, to make sure people would stop watching.”

The immigration agents were grabbing people’s cameras one by one, Young said, and asking, “What did you record? We’re going to delete it.”[…]

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