Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Don't deport my husband: Petition to Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, and Representative Lee Zeldin

Update, September 10, 2016: I am so happy to announce that Rony is no longer being detained in Texas. He is home with Ava and Teddy and I, his wife, in NY. We are enjoying each moment, grateful for all of the support and prayers and stories we have received. It is beyond wonderful to be together again after eight long months. Thank you everybody!!! XOXO Rony, Kristina, Ava and Teddy.

[This petition had 25,207 signatures as of September 6, 2016.]

Petition by Kristina Granados
East Setauket, New York

My husband, Rony, lost most of his male relatives to the drug cartels in Honduras. Rony’s father owned land that he would not hand over, so his family was brutally murdered. My husband came to the US looking for a safer life but is currently in deportation proceedings that would send him back to the extortion and violence he fled.

Our daughter, Ava Lily, is about to turn one -- and as she starts taking her first steps, Rony is sitting in a detention center in Texas. He has been an amazing father to his disabled step-son and he is a hardworking man who supported us with his landscaping business. The consequence of sending him back to Honduras and the murderous drug cartels will likely be his demise -- leaving me a widow and his children without a father.

Rony has other family here who sought asylum in the US after hurricane Mitch hit Honduras in 1998. They’ve remained a big part of our lives and we all want him safely with us.

In cases where there are extenuating circumstances, immigration officers can pardon a detainee under prosecutorial discretion. Please join me in asking Immigration and Customs Enforcement to grant prosecutorial discretion to Rony Francisco Granados Hernandez based on the extortion and murder of his family.

Please help Rony return to his loving family. Thank you for your support.

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