Wednesday, March 2, 2016

‘You’re Fired!’ The Abuses of ‘Skilled’ Worker Visa Programs

“When they bring in these foreign workers, they don’t believe they have rights,” says [attorney James] Otto. “Every employer who imports these foreign workers, what they want, what they demand, is subservience.”

By Sarah Jaffe, The Progressive
February 22, 2016

Stuart Zwicke lasted eight years in the information technology department at Molina Healthcare of New Mexico, in Albuquerque, where he watched everyone on his original team let go.

“I did not apply to Molina,” he says. “They reached out to me because of my job skills and technical skills. They brought me in to design and build their data center, the heartbeat of the entire company here in New Mexico.”

The data center was miles from the company’s main headquarters in Long Beach, California, and Zwicke and two others were the only ones working there. Instead of bringing in permanent help, he said, the company would rotate in groups of workers for a week or so at a time, to be trained at the center.[...]

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