Friday, March 25, 2016

US Welcomes Cubans While Deporting Vulnerable Latin American Migrants

No other group of migrants from Latin America receives the same special treatment from the US government as the Cubans do.

By Adriana Maestas, teleSUR via Truthout
March 23, 2016

While President Obama is in Cuba this week to rebuild bilateral relations and encourage business opportunities on the island, there's an immigration crisis brewing along the southern border highlighting how Cuban immigrants are privileged over Mexican and Central American migrants.

In the last fiscal year, 43,124 Cubans entered the country according to the US Customs and Border Protection. From Oct. 1, 2015 through Feb. 24, 2016, an additional 25,805 Cubans have entered. In the past 17 months, 68,930 Cubans have come to the US where they are processed and become eligible for food stamps, Medicaid, and eventually a work permit and legal residence.

Most of the Cuban migrants are coming through the border crossing in Laredo, Texas, where they have come up through Central America.[...]

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