Sunday, May 17, 2015

Deported Back to Limbo in Honduras

By Lisa Haugaard, Latin America Working Group (LAWG)
Spring 2015

What awaits Honduran children, men and women as they are deported from the United States and Mexico? Latin America Working Group Education Fund and Center for International Policy staff checked out what is happening on the ground. See the full report: Honduras: A Government Failing to Protect Its People.

Honduras-Failing-To-Protect-Its-PeopleDeported migrants from the United States step off the plane in San Pedro Sula and are bused to the nearby Center for Returned Migrants, run by the Scalabrini Sisters and a group of volunteers. Men and women, mostly young, clutch a red string bag provided by U.S. authorities, with their few belongings. Many are wearing shoes with the laces removed that they were issued in U.S. detention centers.

In the small center, they are quickly processed. They meet with a volunteer to fill out a questionnaire about why they migrated and their immediate needs; are given a printed copy of their birth certificate, as many have lost all documentation; receive a quick health screening; and are given bus fare if needed to return home. The returning migrants are treated with respect, but the services offered to them are minimal.[...]

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