Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sakuma Berry Workers Need Your Help NOW!

Dignity Campaign, September 18, 2013

The workers at Sakuma Berry Farms north of Seattle are on strike - the fourth strike against the company this season. The company has gone back on its promises of wage increases, and fired Ramon Torres, the leader of the workers' organization, Familias Unidas para la Justicia. Boycott picketlines have gone up at the company's processing plant, and in front of stores in Seattle. Now the company may be moving security guards into the labor camp where the strikers live.

The workers need your help now.

Call Sakuma Farms, and tell them:

Sit down and negotiate with the workers.

Rehire Ramon Torres.

Stop harassing workers in the labor camp.

Guarantee the jobs of the striking workers, this season and next.

Sakuma sells a lot of strawberries for Haagen Dasz ice cream, which is owned by Nestle Foods. Call Nestle, and tell them they are in violation of their principles of social responsibility. They need to tell Sakuma Farms the same thing - sit down with the workers.

Sakuma Farms berries are sold under the Driscoll label. Driscoll needs to do the same thing - to tell Sakuma Farms to sit down and talk.

Workers need your help NOW! If you can only make one call, please make this one.

Sakuma Brothers Farms

If you can make three more, call Haagen Dasz and Driscoll.

Diane McIntyre, media contact for Nestle Foods

Haagen Dasz


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