Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Deal for Immigrants in 2010?

by David L. Wilson, MRZine
January 1, 2010

Congress is almost certain to consider some sort of reform to the immigration system in 2010; when it does, we can expect a repeat of the "tea bag" resistance we saw at last summer's town halls on healthcare reform. The healthcare precedent "bodes badly" for immigration, Marc R. Rosenblum, a senior policy analyst at the DC-based Migration Policy Institute, told a forum at Columbia University in New York City the evening of December 1.

Unfortunately, the discussion that night indicated that progressives are planning to follow the same scenario we followed in the struggle for healthcare: we propose legislation that falls short of what we need, the right wing then whittles it down, and in the end we are told we have to be responsible and accept half a loaf -- or a good deal less than half. [...]

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Tim said...

I think there is a solution that can make all sides happy, but unfortunately, I don't think the politics of Washington will let that happen. Just like the healthcare bill, the goal on both sides is to play politics and not find the best solution to the problem. I pray that our leaders will find the light and work to solve problems rather than ignore them while squabbling over details. I don't think that we should just legalize those that are not here legally, but there is a solution. Anyways, I have posted my thoughts on my blog.

Tim said...

I think that there is a solution out there that will appease all sides. I don't think we should just legalize everyone with no penalty, but I think we need to find solutions that improve our current system. First, we have to stop playing politics and work on truly solving the issue rather than ignoring the problem.

Anonymous said...

you know whats funny? that anything short of amnesty is considered a raw deal. why should illegals just get amnesty? why do they deserve that?

Get real, they aren't welcome here if they dont do it the right way.