Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cheating NYC Workers Out of the Pay They Earn

by Alex DiBranco,
January 29, 2010

A just-released study out of the National Employment Law Project finds gross violations of minimum wage and other labor laws in New York City, with immigrant populations particularly vulnerable to abuse. Their disturbing findings reveal that a solid majority of low-wage workers suffer from some kind of wage theft.

The report, "Working Without Laws: A Survey of Employment and Labor Law Violations in New York City," found that 21% of low wage workers were paid less than the legal (already low) minimum. This breaks down into violations for 11% of U.S.-born workers, 21% of authorized immigrants, and 35% of undocumented immigrants. Latino workers had the highest rates of wage abuse, with women being taken advantage of slightly more often than men. [...]

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