Saturday, December 26, 2009

Report: Nativism Is Anti-American Workers

Of the 87 politicians graded 'A' by FAIR, 68% voted against increasing the minimum wage, 83% voted against extending unemployment compensation, 93% voted against equal pay for women, 94% voted against the Employee Free Choice Act, 82% voted against providing parental leave for federal employees.

by Prerna Lal,
December 10, 2009

Today America's Voice Online released a report titled "The Anti-Worker Truth about the Anti-Immigrant Lobby" and held a teleconference with experts regarding the recent anti-immigrant exploitation of economic woes to scapegoat immigrant workers.

The report analyzes the voting records of 87 politicians in the 110th Congress on labor issues who received an A from the anti-immigrant hate-group FAIR. It proves in clear terms that politicians who blame immigrants for unemployment do not hold the best interest for American workers. [...]

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Why They Hate Immigrant Workers, and Why We Love Them

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