Monday, December 21, 2009

Call for Immigration Reform With Human Rights for Immigrants

For Immediate Release
December 17, 2009
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On International Migrants Day, December 18:
U.S. Immigrant Rights Groups Call for Immigration Refor That Recognizes Dignity and Human Rights of Immigrants

(Oakland, CA) Immigrant rights groups urged today, International Migrants Day (December 18) that the U.S. government adopts immigration policy reforms and practices that recognize and respect the dignity and human rights of all immigrants, regardless of status. The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR) commended Rep. Luis Gutierrez for introducing landmark legislation in the House of Representatives to reform immigration policiesthis week but also called for an end to existing policies and programs that criminalize and abuse immigrant communities. [...]

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Brittanicus said...

Once Health care is reformed or not, President Obama and the Democratic leaders intend to force on us into another Amnesty, or what they like to call IMMIGRATION REFORM at the beginning of 2010. THAT WHAT THEY CALLED THE 1986 IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL (ICRA) THAT WAS NEVER ENFORCED.

The cost of immigration to our society is propagating through the years enormously The most recent estimate places the net cost of post-1969 immigrants at $61 billion in 2000 alone. That is $35 billion from legal immigrants and $26 billion from illegal immigrants) This is--AFTER--immigrants’ contribution in taxes has been subtracted. As outrageous as the cost are now to the unsuspecting taxpayers, the rising tide of immigration will lift it even higher in years to come. Where now illegal immigrants poured into the country, faster than regular immigration numbers. In 2002, the annual net cost of immigration had risen to $66 billion, with no end in sight. A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, based on the Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation, analyzed the cost of immigrants based on their specific use of (means-tested) welfare entitlements (both direct and indirect), and revealed that the total immigrant receipt of benefits in 1996 came to $180 billion.That annual amount has to grown to out-of-control proportions, as the population of legal and illegal immigrants imported to one million new people a year. After these numbers were released, there seem to be an intentional reluctance to offer costs for both legal and illegal immigrant cost to the US taxpayer. Just last year the number of--LEGAL--immigrants ratcheted-up to 3.5 million. JOBLESS AMERICAN WORKERS NEED TO SPEAK OUT. WE NEED TO INSTALL E-VERIFY IN EVERY COMPANY THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. IT WILL GUARANTEE THE REMOVAL OF EVERY UNAUTHORIZED WORKER, ACCEPT A LIMITED NUMBER OF PERSONS USING FAMILY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS AND OTHER DOCUMENTATION. SOME WILL GET A POSITIVE VERIFICATION, BUT NEW UPGRADES AND INNOVATIONS TO THE SYSTEM, WILL CATCH ILLEGAL FOREIGN LABOR IN THE FUTURE.

Whereas the administration keeps imposing millions of poor, uneducated people into America, because of poor national enforcement of which the majority of foreign nationals become public charges. Just before Obama signs new Immigration reform, taxpayers better realize that there are expectations from millions of more destitute people just waiting to slip across our undermanned borders and past airport control If there was a time to call and harass your Senator or Representative at 202-224-3121, this really is the most urgent of times. Just your vote and voice can--HALT--this innocuous law becoming active. We cannot keep on accepting the world indigent, as it will lead to OVERPOPULATION as stated by the US Census Bureau. Just read the demographics and expenditures that will tax you even more. No more lies and read the facts and inferior enforcement grading at NUMBERSUSA. Understand the undisclosed corruption in Washington and different states at JUDICIAL WATCH.

Anonymous said...

What about the rights of the people that have worked like dogs that are natives born in the US? There are illegals posing as construction workers with no licenses stealing people's homes with corrupt law suits, stealing, killing people by sticking gas cans in their butts, killing them with guns, stealing IDs. stealing food, clothes, gas and everything. What about them? To hell with the illegal aliens. They are stealing our jobs, homes,cars and more. Why support more crime we have to pay the prisons for. Send them back!!! What about our human rights? They do not respect them. Mexicans believe the more they kill of us the better.