Monday, August 24, 2009

White House moves to placate immigration reform advocates

A surprise appearance by President Obama at a meeting this week helps pacify some, but calls for action rather than oratory continue.

By Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times
August 22, 2009

Immigrant rights activists said Friday that a White House meeting this week to reaffirm support for immigration reform -- featuring a surprise appearance by President Obama -- had helped mollify growing frustration over what some perceived as backpedaling on reform promises.

But many said that action will be needed to keep the faith among immigrants and their supporters, particularly Latinos who turned out in record numbers to help elect Obama last year. [...]

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immigrant investor visa said...

Here's hoping that Obama will be the first President of the United States that not only courted then received the Latino vote, but also delivered on the promises he made to them. Too many times politicians play the 'get it and forget it' game with minority voters. It's about time for a change. Perhaps Mr. Obama is the man to do it.

immigrant investor visa said...

Sadly, now almost 5 months later, there has been zero action on pretty much any immigration reform. Oh, there has been plenty of TALK, but I can recall no other administration that promised so much, and did absolutely nothing.