Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Immigrant Workers Organize Against Workplace Enforcement

"We are organizing ourselves to openly oppose these policies and practices, which are devastating our families during the worst economic times since the 1930s."

MAPA Issues Call for Immediate Action From Immigrant Workers
Aug. 11, 2009

The Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) has issued a "Call for Immediate Action from Immigrant Workers" in response to the Obama administration's inaction on immigration reform. Below is a statement by MAPA National President, Nativo V. Lopez. He will have media availality today at Overhill Farms plant from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and will be with approximately 100 workers. (Location - 2727 E. Vernon Avenue, Vernon, CA)

"President Barack Obama made clear today that there would be no immigration reform until 2010 in a press conference comment during his visit to Mexico to meet with the presidents of Mexico and Canada. There was no forewarning to the public or to immigrants’ rights advocates prior to his comment. Yet, neither did President Obama make any reference to the continued broad and harsh enforcement of immigration laws in the workplace, which is resulting in the discharge of thousands, and potentially will lead to the termination of hundreds of thousands of workers. [...]

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Brittanicus said...

Without any restraints ICE needs an army of interior inspectors to move into San Francisco and Los Angeles and every other--SANCTUARY STATE AND CITY. Begin lightening raids on predatory businesses and apprehending all illegal immigrants in the workplace. NO WRIST SLAPS, as business owners be severely fined, asset confiscation and go to jail. All illegal immigrant criminals should be detained and held for deportation. Anybody caught returning should receive a mandatory prison sentence of ten years. The 1986 immigration enforcement bill is not broken, but was never enforced. The law from the beginning was corrupted and fraudulently used. Enactment had provisions to go after pariah businesses and has never been implemented to the full extent of the law. Learn the naked truth, not lies at NUMBERSUSA Call your Senator and Representative at 202-224-3121. SAY NO TO AMNESTY. YES TO E-VERIFY TO REMOVE ILLEGALS FROM BUSINESSES. ICE IS WAITING FOR YOU TO CONTACT THEM ON ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.