Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Migracorridos": Another Failed Anti-Immigration Campaign

The agency has been careful to keep its imprint off the album afraid Mexican audiences would disregard the songs if they knew who was behind it.

Marisol LeBrón, NACLA Update
March 17, 2009

For centuries, Mexican narrative folk ballads, known as corridos, have chronicled the exploits of outlaws and rebels. Countless corridos have told the tribulations of smugglers trying to get their contraband across the border. And in recent decades, with the boom of the drug trade in Mexico, the songs have increasingly turned to stories about the narcotrafficking. But these "narco corridos" existed long before the rise of today's drug cartels.

It's strange, then, that the U.S. Border Patrol would be promoting a genre so infused with anti-authoritarian sentiment. But that's exactly what the law enforcement agency is doing, even releasing its own album of corridos. [...]

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