Sunday, March 15, 2009

Join the Fast to Support Roxroy Salmon!

from Janis Rosheuvel, Director, Families for Freedom

Who is Roxroy Salmon?

Roxroy Salmon is a national of Jamaica who has lived in the United States for the past thirty years. He came to the U.S. with his father when he was a young man to seek a good education and to accomplish his goals. He has four beautiful children that were born in the U.S. He also has a daughter who was born in Jamaica. He adores all of his children. He lives with three of his children: Natasha, an 18 year old who attends Long Island University for legal studies, Nyasia, a 15 year old studying design at her high school and Elijah, a 12 year old in middle school. Roxroy is an organizer at Families for Freedom and a member of the New Sanctuary Coalition. Because of minor drug convictions from over 20 years ago, he is facing removal proceedings. He believes that everyone deserves their human right to stay with their families. He is working hard to pass legislation that would keep his family together: HR 182, the Child Citizen Protection Act (CCPA). This bill, if passed, would allow immigration judges the power to use their discretion in Roxroy’s case, allowing them to stop his deportation.In Roxroy's own words: "I live and breathe for my children. It is my greatest honor. I teach my children decency and moral values because I was brought up that way. I teach them to be good human beings: to love God, themselves and their neighbors. I just can’t bear the thought of being away from my family - most of all my children and grandchildren, my brothers and sisters and my mother.”Fast to Stop Deportation!

At least one individual or organization will be fasting each day from March 8, 2009 to June 2, 2009, an act that is meant to remind us of Roxroy’s struggle to keep his family safe and together as he faces deportation. As we fast, we remember our families, friends and colleagues as they face similar struggles to stay in the United States with their loved ones. Please join us! Fast for a day sometime between today and June 2, 2009 and then jot down your thoughts on this blog! Check the Fast blog (htt p:// to see the dates (in red) that have already been signed up for; dates shown in white are wide open!

General Instructions for the Fast:

1. Choose at least one day between March 8, 2009 and June 2, 2009 to fast. We encourage people to fast for more than one day. Please keep in mind that you do not have to fast over consecutive days. If you belong to an organization, you can encourage your organization to fast together.

2. To sign up, send an e-mail and either tell us what day you’d like to fast, or let us pick a date for you!

3. Fast in whatever way makes sense for you. Some people may fast only during daylight hours, others only drink water, others do not take in anything at all. Please take your personal health needs into account.

4. During your day(s) of fast, please keep in mind the immigrant families who are facing deportation, especially Roxroy’s family.

5. Lastly, come to and post your reflections from your Fast day(s) on the discussion board. (If you have a WordPress account, contact an administrator and we’ll authorize you to post. If you don’t, e-mail your post and we’ll put it up for you.) Please express yourself freely, but be respectful of the community space.

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