Sunday, February 8, 2009

When Xenophobia Meets Homophobia

The killing of Jose Sucuzhañay...challenges Latino/a and LGBT leaders to build a broad-based vision for social justice that acknowledges the linkages between various communities and struggles.

by Marisol LeBrón,
February 2, 2009

An ugly blame game ensued after the passing of California’s Proposition 8, which restricted the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman. With exit polls reporting 70 percent of Blacks and 53 percent of Latinos/as supporting the ban on gay marriage, many white members of the LGBT community blamed people of color for the ban’s success.

The December issue of gay news magazine The Advocate stepped into the fray. The cover of the issue provocatively announced, “Gay is the New Black.” Although the cover story's author, Michael Joseph Gross, dismissed blaming Black voters as a "false conclusion" and a "terrible mistake," comments posted to the site took him to task for other reasons. Most comments strongly disagreed with Gross' Black/gay comparison, but many others asked why communities of color and queer communities are still considered mutually exclusive in the mainstream LGBT rights movement. [...]

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Ruben said...

Freedom is just another word for everything we are losing from day-to-day under color of law and lawlessness in the Americas and around the globe.

All oppressed people should stand united against any violation of our individual human rights. There are several forms of human oppression including but not limited to racism and sexism.

Oppressive governments often follow the leads of their dominant religions and vice versa for self-perpetuating purposes. There is no good or just reason for any individual to be denied a right to marry whomever she or he wants to marry so far as this Chicano is concerned.

Same-sex marriages would make this a better world for everyone including heterosexuals. La Raza and all other oppressed people should stand united with those who prefer same-sex marriages but we all know the name of the game, i.e., DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

For so long as oppressed people are divided against each other