Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sheriff Joe--6,500 Signatures to Go

From America's Voice
February 19, 2009

Dear Friend --

We all know Sheriff Joe Arpaio loves the spotlight.

Well, now he's got plenty of it: the spotlight of Rep. John Conyers and the House Judiciary Committee. They want Sheriff Joe investigated by the Department of Justice for his appalling, unjust law enforcement tactics-- just like the 3,500 of you who've already signed our petition!

With your help, we can finally get Sheriff Joe the attention he really deserves. We're counting on your help to get 10,000 signatures to Attorney General Holder to investigate Sheriff Joe by the first week of March.

Sign the petition now:

On Friday the Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, saying:

"We write today concerning allegations of misconduct on the part of Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio that we believe merit federal investigation and action."

It's obvious that Arpaio's latest publicity stunt crosses the line. On February 4th, he rounded up hundreds of immigrant detainees and forced them to march, shackled, through Phoenix to a segregated "tent city" surrounded by electric fencing in the Arizona desert.

Thousands of you have already signed our letter to the Attorney General, calling for an investigation into Joe's abuse of power. Thousands have denounced Joe's blatant racial profiling and civil rights violations. But with this week's big news from the Judiciary Committee, and with major events being organized across the country to protest Arpaio, we believe it's time to do more.

Help us get to 10,000 signatures to Attorney General Holder by the first week of March.

Sign the petition to investigate Joe now:

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