Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Right to Stay Home -- Derecho de no Migrar

"Migration is part of aspect of state policies that expel people. Creating an alternative to that requires political power. There's no way to avoid that."

David Bacon, New America Media
July 09, 2008

JUXTLAHUACA, OAXACA, MEXICO -– For almost half a century, migration has been the main fact of social life in hundreds of indigenous towns spread through the hills of Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s poorest states. That’s made the conditions and rights of migrants the central concern for communities like Santiago de Juxtlahuaca.

Today the right to travel to seek work is a matter of survival. But this June in Juxtlahuaca, in the heart of Oaxaca’s Mixteca region, dozens of farmers left their fields, and women weavers their looms, to talk about another right, the right to stay home. [...]

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