Thursday, July 17, 2008

Citizens should protest harassment of immigrants

By Allison Mountz,
Thursday, July 03, 2008

Things to consider on Independence Day, on your way to market or mall:

On a recent Saturday morning, I was holding a sign at the busy Park Street intersection where cars travel to Carousel mall, the Regional Market and the Regional Transportation Center. A driver honked to catch my attention and then held up his middle finger. As he shouted something indecipherable, I noticed two young girls watching from the back seat and wondered what they must be thinking. The man seemed angry, and I was too.

My anger is what prompted me to stand on that corner in the first place. The CNY Detainment Task Force has been organizing rallies outside of the bus and train station. We are protesting the poor treatment of immigrants in our community. Our goal is to call attention to the practices of federal Border Patrol authorities, who without warning, board buses and trains, roam the station (including the restrooms), and quiz persons of color and those whose names appear "foreign." [...]

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