Monday, January 21, 2019

How Central American migrants helped revive the US labor movement

[Immigrant rights supporters should never forget that immigrants aren’t just victims: they are also subjects, actors in their own lives and communities. Here Elizabeth Oglesby, a professor of Latin American studies, describes some of the achievements by immigrant labor activists in the 1980s and 1990s. This phenomenon isn’t new. Immigrants were often leaders of struggles in the past, as with the Uprising of the 20,000 in New York more than a century ago, and immigrant labor organizes continues now in efforts like the Fight for $15. Important coverage of some of these struggles is available from journalist David Bacon at his blog, The Reality Check.—TPOI editor]

By Elizabeth Oglesby, The Conversation
January 18, 2019
In the United States’ heated national debate about immigration, two views predominate about Central American migrants: President Donald Trump portrays them as a national security threat, while others respond that they are refugees from violence.

Little is said about the substantial contributions that Central Americans have made to U.S. society over the past 30 years.[…]

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