Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Updates: Border Encuentro, Sanctuary Caravan, “Resistance at Tule Lake,” Farmworker Organizing

SOA Watch Border Encuentro 2018

Time is flying and in less than 2 months we will converge at the US/Mexico border in ambos Nogales for our 3rd SOA Watch Border Encuentro this November 16-18: Dismantle Border Imperialism! Struggle, Create, Power to the People!

As we continue planning for this year's 3rd Encuentro, we want to share important updates with you, including our promotional video created by Olmeca, the weekend schedule of events and ways to support our largest annual gathering. We are excited to share our demands for this year, and invite you to join us in generating the biggest possible impact alongside other coalition groups and allies by endorsing this year's Encuentro.

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Join the Sanctuary Caravan

The New Sanctuary Coalition is resolved to choose the side of liberty and equality. We are resolved to sacrifice in solidarity with those leaders of liberty and pioneers of equality who are nonviolently asserting their right to migrate by moving their caravan of brave souls across the U.S./Mexican border. We are resolved to form a U.S. Caravan of supporters who will meet the Central American Caravan in Mexico, witness their movement, and accompany them into the U.S. At the border, we will assist those seeking entry with their demands to enter the US without losing their liberty.[…]

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"Resistance at Tule Lake" is Now Available on DVD & iTunes!

The documentary on resistance to the wartime incarceration of Japanese Americans has screened in
over 20 cities across the country since its premiere at CAAMFest 2017. The maker are still getting requests for more ways people can see Resistan.ce at Tule Lake.

The film is now available on DVD and iTunes! Demand for the film has been so high on the Netflix queue that they also jumped on board and are now offering the film for disc rental.

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The Cross-Border Farmworker Rebellion

Workers in the berry fields of the United States and Mexico have the same transnational employers. Now, farmworker unions in those two nations have begun to work together.

The union card. Photo: David Bacon
By David Bacon, The American Prospect
October 31, 2018
Surrounded by blueberry and alfalfa fields near Sumas, Washington, just a few miles from the Canadian border, a group of workers last week stood in a circle behind a trailer, itemizing a long list of complaints about the grower they work for. Lorenzo Sanchez, the oldest, pointed to the trailer his family rents for $800 a month. On one side, the wooden steps and porch have rotted through. “The toilet backs up,” he said. “Water leaks in when it rains. The stove doesn't work.”[…]

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