Monday, July 9, 2018

Central American Immigrants Aren’t Invading Us. We Invaded Them.

What chain of events has caused parents to flee at great risk to themselves, only to see their children ripped from them and tossed into cages?
Hondurans resisted the 2009 coup. Which side was the US on?

By John Tarleton, The Indypendent
July 2, 2018
Children locked in dog kennels, crying by the sides of roads at night, wrapped in glittering Mylar blankets on the floors of Border Patrol processing centers, stowed away in an abandoned Walmart, flown thousands of miles from their parents. The sounds of their wails an “orchestra” to the ears of a border guard, who is heard quipping in audio captured at a child detention center that all that is “missing is a conductor.”

But there is a conductor.[...]

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