Thursday, May 10, 2018

People’s Press Conference and Update on Ravi Ragbir’s Case

From: Ravi’s Defense Committee
May 10, 2018

People’s Press Conference

Tomorrow, May 11th at 10 AM, the New Sanctuary Coalition invites you to a People's Press Conference, during which statements & testimonials will be read by people & their families who have been impacted by detention and deportation. At Foley Square in Lower Manhattan.

An Update from Ravi's Legal Team

On Friday, May 4th, we had an evidentiary hearing about whether there were fundamental errors during Ravi's old criminal case, which led to his deportation order.

As his legal team, we know that Ravi and the New Sanctuary Coalition fight every day to preserve due process and access to courts for noncitizens fighting deportation. In that regard, the hearing itself was a victory. It was the first time - in over a decade - where Ravi has been able to tell his story to a judge. We are grateful for that opportunity, and hopeful that justice will be done.

It was a long day of testimony and taking evidence, and our entire team is so grateful for all your support- from those who came out to Newark for this hearing or for past hearings, to those who joined in last week's Jericho Walks, and to all those who sent their positivity our way. Your presence and love has been so meaningful.

The judge did not issue a decision on Friday, and allowed both sides to submit post-hearing briefing. We do not expect a decision until after final briefs are due on June 22nd. Ravi's stay of removal extends at least until a decision is issued.

His check-in with ICE originally scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed to July 27th. To all those who were planning to come out tomorrow to accompany him, we encourage you to attend the People's Press Conference instead (details above).

Again, our sincerest gratitude.

In solidarity,
Ravi's Legal Team

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