Monday, March 5, 2018

Activist Ravi Ragbir urges West Village churchgoers to help immigrants facing deportation

“So how can you help?…This is where I’m going to start challenging you. You can create a space where you can help someone. You can make a phone call. You can write a letter. You can tweet. You can just talk to someone about a fact, about what they are saying wrong. Talk to someone when they are saying propaganda.”

Ravi Ragbir. Photo: Tequila Minsky
By Edgar Sandoval and Reuven Blau, New York Daily News
March 4, 2018
Immigration rights activist Ravi Ragbir — who is being threatened with deportation — urged churchgoers Sunday to speak up against the anti-immigration wave sweeping the country.

“There are many people with green cards who are facing deportation,” he told a packed Judson Memorial Church in the West Village.[…]

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