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Two Examples of Resistance and One Example of Why We Need It

Photo: Astrid Riecken/Washington Post)
Rapid response network to monitor immigration enforcement launches in San Diego

By Kate Morrissey, San Diego Union Tribune
December 19, 2017
People who see immigration officers knocking at their doors — or their neighbors' — in San Diego County can now call a new 24-hour hotline for support.

The hotline is part of the San Diego Rapid Response Network, which sends trained volunteers to reported immigration enforcement activity across the county to document officers’ behavior, gather information for legal screenings and offer resources to family members. The network is activists’ answer to increased immigration arrests under President Donald Trump.

More than 150 volunteers have received training so far.[…]

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How a Group of Immigration Attorneys Stopped a Deportation Flight to Cambodia
ICE is seeking to deport Cambodian Americans at unprecedented speed.

By Julianne Hing, The Nation
December 19, 2017
A plane packed with around 50 Cambodian Americans set for deportation was scheduled to depart on Monday from Texas for Phnom Penh. But a court order issued late Thursday has blocked, at least for now, the Trump administration’s plan to expel them.

A US district-court judge granted a month-long temporary restraining order after attorneys argued that—in the course of raiding, apprehending, detaining, and attempting to deport more than 100 people to Cambodia in recent weeks—Immigration and Customs Enforcement denied people due process and violated the agency’s own procedures.[…]

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Shocking treatment of immigrants by US immigration agents revealed in new report
Immigration advocates say that ICE frequently fails to bring about change

Clark Mindock, The Independent
December 15, 2017
American immigration detention facilities regularly subject inmates to strip searches, unsanitary conditions, and threats of prolonged confinement without justification - a new report details.

The report stems from an inspection of several US detention facilities by the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General, which followed after immigrant rights groups and members of the public lodged complaints about the treatment of the immigrants.

“Overall, we identified problems that undermine the protection of detainees’ rights, their humane treatment, and the provision of a safe and healthy environment,” the report states.

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