Friday, September 1, 2017

L.A. Father Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez Released On Bond After Six Months In ICE Custody

By Julia Wick, LAist
August 30, 2017
Update [5:50 p.m.]: According to a family spokesperson, Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez was released from Adelanto Detention Center at approximately 5:20 p.m. and has been reunited with his family.

ICE arrested Avelica-Gonzales in February as his family watched.
After six months in the custody of federal immigration authorities, Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez was granted bond during a hearing on Wednesday morning and is expected to be released tonight. Avelica-Gonzalez, who is originally from Mexico, was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents while dropping his daughters off at school in February. A video of the arrest filmed by his sobbing, then-13-year-old daughter went viral, bringing widespread attention to his case.[…]

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