Sunday, March 12, 2017

Local Activists Continue to Organize Resistance to ICE Raids

Media attention has shifted away from the government’s deportation campaign since the well-publicized raids in mid-February. However, ICE agents continue to detain people, and the resistance movement appears to be consolidating on the local level.—TPOI editor
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Organized resistance is forming to Trump's immigration crackdown

Kate Morrissey, San Diego Union-Tribune
March 1, 2017
Organized resistance to President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown is coming to San Diego, as advocacy groups are beginning to organize a rapid response network that could include hotlines, “solidarity teams" and even safe houses.

Meant to protect unauthorized immigrants, the network would be similar to what activists in other cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, are working to implement.

Unauthorized immigrants have dealt with increased fear and anxiety since Trump signed his first executive orders on the subject, revising the policy of former President Barack Obama to focus on those who had committed crimes other than illegal entry. San Diegans forming a support network hope to ease fears.[…]

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In Trump Strongholds, An Effort Is Underway to Keep Immigrants Safe

By Cristian Benavides, NBC News
March 10, 2017
NEW YORK - In historically conservative Staten Island, where President Donald Trump won 57 percent of the vote, residents are readying their homes to keep immigrants protected from being deported.

People like Ruth, a local educator who didn't want her full name used so Immigration and Customs Enforcement could not identify her, are becoming part of a network to offer refuge to families at risk of deportation and do so in areas where Trump enjoyed strong political support.

“It's immoral to take children away from their parents,” Ruth said. “People came here illegally because there was no decent pathway to come here any other way.”[…]

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San Francisco restaurant owners offer employees sanctuary workplace

By Joshua Sabatini, San Francisco Examiner
March 10, 2017
San Francisco restaurants are joining a national movement to establish sanctuary workplaces for undocumented employees and ensuring business owners know their rights if federal immigration officials raid their establishments.

In less than three months in the White House, President Donald Trump has increased fears of mass sweeps by federal immigration officials and penned an executive order to slash federal funding for cities like San Francisco that provide sanctuary laws to not cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.[…]

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