Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Story of Eulogio Solanoa

Photographs and Oral History

By David Bacon, New Labor Forum
May 2014

Eulogio Solanoa is a Mixteco migrant from Oaxaca and was a farmworker for many years. After leading strikes and community protests, he went to work as an organizer for the United Farm Workers. Today, he lives in Greenfield, California where he told his story to David Bacon. Thanks to Farmworker Justice for the support for this project of documenting the lives of farmworkers.

I have been here in Greenfield since 1992, so that is twenty years. But I am from a small town called San Jose de las Flores in the Putla district in Oaxaca. My family has ejido land there—not a lot of land, just what they call a cajon, less than a quarter of an acre. That is about the amount of land everyone has there. We only have enough to live but not enough to buy a house or car. My father did not even own any land—the land we have comes from my mother. [...]

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