Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scott Walker’s dopey defenders: Beltway hacks think racist emails are a snooze

“This bus is my worst f***ing nightmare," Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's campaign aide tweeted. "Nobody speaks English & these ppl don’t know how 2 control their kids #only3morehours #illegalaliens.”

By Joan Walsh, Salon
February 21, 2014

I have never understood why Scott Walker got off politically unscathed after six aides and associates were convicted in a criminal investigation of campaign law violations committed during his 2010 campaign for governor. Not one, but six, including three top aides. Meanwhile, Walker’s office is ensnared in another, ongoing investigation into his 2012 recall campaign. What does all of this say about the judgment of the man at the top?

A day and a half after the release of 27,000 emails obtained in the first completed investigation, the verdict of the national media is in: This Walker scandal is boring, which in Beltway-speak commands that all serious journalists just move along.[...]

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