Sunday, June 16, 2013

Immigrants Explain Why the Senate Reform Bill Is Inadequate

Immigrants Use May Day for Legalization Push

By Juan Matossian, Asian Journal, El Diario La Prensa
April 30, 2013

Translated by Emily Leavitt from Spanish
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On May 1, International Workers’ Day, thousands of immigrant workers will not only reclaim their rights, they will also raise their voices in unison to demand fair immigration reform.

A large part of the protests and events that the New York immigrant community usually organizes will center around the recent immigration reform bill presented just a few weeks ago, and the effects it will have on workers.

Some of the participating groups will use May 1 to express their disagreement with the bill – already known officially as S. 744 – because they consider it clearly inadequate. [...]

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Youth organizer Denise Romero explains why she wouldn't accept legalization through the Senate bill:

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