Thursday, September 13, 2012

Immigrant Workers Organize at New York Coffee and Pastry Shop

Struggle Erupts at Hot and Crusty
Marty Goodman, New York Indymedia
September 2, 2012

New York, NY, September 1--Yesterday, at the corner of 63 street and 2nd Ave., workers and supporters rallied to save jobs at Hot & Crusty, a chain of pastry shops in Manhattan. Hot and Crusty's was briefly occupied by about 15 people and about four were soon arrested by NY's finest. As of last night, two were released. Pickets are now 24/7 starting at noon Saturday. The best way to get there is by taking the F train to 63rd and Lexington. Be there.

Here's the deal. Hot and Crusty's wants to bust the union by closing. Yesterday was their last day dealing with a union - or so they thought. Organizers from the Laundry Worker's Center say that H & C's hopes to re-open with all new non-union workers. It's criminal! [...]

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Victory at Hot and Crusty
Marty Goodman, New York Indymedia
September 9, 2012

Great news! We won one in New York--finally! In front of Hot and Crusty, workers announced yesterday that the new owners of the coffee and pastry shop will recognize their independent union and rehire everyone – yes everyone! An extraordinary agreement allows the union to control the rehiring of the immigrant
workforce. No one is to be victimized!

For anyone who has ever been out of work, especially for immigrant workers, this is fantastic news! [...]

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