Sunday, January 22, 2012

Film: Harvest of Loneliness

Award winning documentary by Gilbert Gonzalez, Adrian Salinas and Vivian Price on the guest worker program of 1942-1964.

Hidden within historical accounts of US workers and immigrants is the story of millions of Mexican men and women who experienced the bracero program, a ‘guest worker’ program designed to supply workers to agriculture and undermine farm worker unionization. The documentary features the men speaking of their experiences, and the wives and families left behind in Mexican villages emptied of men from l942-1964.

“Guest worker programs” for non-agricultural sectors are now part of the arsenal of proposed US immigration reforms. But what are these programs and how do they actually operate? “Harvest of Loneliness” explores how the bracero program originated, how it was implemented, and its effects on unions, workers and the economy.

Cinelatino Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary at the 2010 Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival. Voted Best Educational Documentary at the 2010 Amsterdam International Film Festival.

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cail said...

This may help people to realise how hard it is to be a immigrant .

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