Friday, July 15, 2011

A Note to Our Readers

We’re now working on a new edition of our book, The Politics of Immigration: Questions & Answers, and you can help us.

We won’t be making dramatic changes--unfortunately, not that much has changed in the immigration debate since the book came out back in 2007. The media repeat the same myths about immigration, the laws remain harsh and restrictive, and anti-immigrant hysteria continues to rise; the main difference is that the media have created some new myths, the legislators have passed some new harsh and restrictive laws, and the anti-immigrant forces have gotten a little more hysterical.

But we feel that all this only shows the continuing need for a concise, easy-to-read presentation of the facts about immigration--and the importance of updating and improving it.

Here is where you can help, based on your experience reading the book, or using it in the classroom, or discussing the issues with other people. Do you see places where we could improve what we say or how we say it? Are there areas where we could be clearer, or where we missed important facts or arguments? If so, please write us a note at .

The new edition won’t be significantly longer than the first, so we may not be able to incorporate all your suggestions, but we’ll consider them all carefully, and we’ll definitely appreciate your help.

Jane Guskin
David Wilson

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