Sunday, June 5, 2011

Citizen children and life under the radar

In the U.S. are 4.5 million citizens whose parents are illegal immigrants. Often these fearful parents keep their children from programs and opportunities that would improve their development.

By Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Op Ed, Los Angeles Times
May 12, 2011

President Obama spoke Tuesday about the economic reasons for providing a pathway to citizenship for the nation's undocumented. This is clearly a polarizing issue, and there is much room for honest disagreement. But there's one fact we can't ignore: Undocumented immigrants in the U.S. include the parents of 4.5 million children who are legal citizens. What that means is that, on average, one or two children in every elementary school classroom in the country is coping with huge uncertainty about future family stability. [...]

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Hirokazu Yoshikawa is the incoming academic dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the author of Immigrants Raising Citizens: Undocumented Parents and Their Young Children, Russell Sage Foundation 2011.

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