Friday, May 6, 2011

More May Day Coverage

May Day Marches See Labor Join Immigrants' Struggle for Rights
By Eduardo Soriano-Castillo, Labor Notes
May 2, 2011

In cities throughout the U.S., tens of thousands marched on May Day to demand an end to attacks on workers and immigrants.

Some traditional hotbeds of activity, like Los Angeles, turned out much smaller crowds than in previous years, while others, like Madison, saw a surge of participation as immigrants and unions joined to protest legislative assaults on their rights. [...]

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Wisconsin Rallies Record Number for Solidarity March
by Voces de la Frontera
May 2, 2011

Milwaukee, Wisconsin--May 2 - Under the banner of “Wisconsin Solidarity March for Immigrant & Worker Rights” more than 100,000 protestors took to the streets on Sunday afternoon to fight back against Governor Walker’s attacks on collective bargaining rights, immigrant rights, and dramatic cuts to public education and health care. [...]

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May Day: San Jose Marches for Immigrant and Worker Rights
By David Bacon, Political Affairs
May 3, 2011
SAN JOSE, CA -  Immigrants, workers, union members and community activists marched on May Day in San Jose.  Marchers protested attacks on immigrants, unions and the rights of workers.

The march was organized by the May First Coalition, part of a national network called May Day United.  Many marchers were immigrants from Mexico and Central America, where May Day is celebrated as a workers' holiday every year.  Some marchers called for support for the Dignity Campaign, a proposal for immigration reform based on labor and human rights. [...]

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