Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sign Here to Support Chipotle Workers

Demand Chipotle Treat Workers With Integrity, Apologize, and Pay Up petition campaign

Chipotle strives to make its popular burritos with fresh, sustainable ingredients. The company motto is, after all, “food with integrity." So why is Chipotle treating its immigrant workers like trash?

When the federal government presented the company with immigration warnings (known as "I-9 audits"), Chipotle began laying off entire stores full of workers. They gave long-time employees no warning, no time to prove their status, no respect, and even insufficient pay. Now, the way the company is firing workers in Washington, DC, is so appalling that City Council Members are speaking out publicly, saying they may be forced to hold hearings into the matter.

Read about the campaign and sign the petition:

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