Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Report Questions the System Used to Flag Rikers Island Inmates for Deportation

by Sam Dolnick, New York Times
November 10, 2010

As the Obama administration steps up efforts to deport immigrants held on criminal charges, federal officials in New York City have long been on the job. At the city’s main jail on Rikers Island, immigration officers comb through lists of foreign-born inmates, then question, detain and deport about 3,200 of them a year.

Immigration authorities say they decide whom to flag by considering the severity of the crime and the inmate’s criminal history and immigration record. Their top priority, they say, is removing the most dangerous offenders.

But a new analysis of Rikers Island statistics by Justice Strategies, a prisoner advocacy group based in New York, shows that among inmates held on drug charges, those accused of misdemeanors were chosen for deportation proceedings more often than those charged with felonies. [...]

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Anonymous said...

they are doing that in Texas too. they told me if I paid the fine my husband would be released I paid it went back to the jail and they said it would be 2 hours. I waited 2 1/2 hours my husband called me and said it would be 30 minutes more. I waited he then called and said Immigration had arrested him and the other charges(which were false were dropped). I did not get my money back and they deported my husband because he didnt have a green card.your better off if you relly commit a crime than not having papers. It seems they treat that like a murder crime.