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NYC, Aug. 8: "La Casa Rosa," immigration play

From Mexico: the performance the State Department didn't want you to see...

"La Casa Rosa" and Families Without Borders Break Barriers, Reunite Families

Sunday, August 8, 2010
8 pm (doors open 7 pm)

Wings Theater
154 Christopher Street, Lower Level
New York City
(at Washington Street; PATH to Christopher Street, 1 to Christopher Street-Sheridan Square)

More information:

Woman's Theater Project comes to the United States After Battle with State Dept

New Haven, CT / New York, NY (July 27, 2010) After a protracted battle with the U.S. State Department, visas have finally been issued for the members of Soame Citlalime, an all-female theater group from Mexico that has developed "La Casa Rosa" ("The Pink House"), an immigration play. The United States premier performance will take place at Wings Theater on Sunday, August 8th, at 7pm (154 Christopher Street, New York, NY).

"La Casa Rosa" is a collaboration between The Institute for Social and Cultural Practice and Research (IIPSOCULTA), The Migrant Family Support Center (CAFAMI), and Carlton Industries. It arrives in the United States this summer as part of the "Families Without Borders" tour, a multi-state program of workshops and presentations. The productions' goal is to break cultural borders by assembling audiences from all backgrounds to discuss the realities of a globalized world, and to literally reunite the cast of "La Casa Rosa" with their family members working in the United States, many of whom they haven't seen in over 10 years.

How do we protect what's important? How do we advance in a system designed to limit our options? How do we find common ground when the world is intent on keeping us apart?

"La Casa Rosa" is the lesser-told side of the immigration story - that of those left behind. Set against a backdrop of the mysterious disappearance of a local youth and a popular struggle in a rural community, "La Casa Rosa" follows the story of two sisters vying for the control of their ancestral land. In it, two very different visions are realized and the answers to vital ethical questions are approached. Subtitled "Fighting for a Future in a Free Trade World," the play's U.S. tour was stopped by the State Department due to objections regarding the group's mission and the play's content. Visas were finally granted on July 1st after support was offered from New Haven Mayor John Destefano and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro.

Watch an excerpt from the play:

Read about the play in La Jornada del Oriente (in Spanish):
Conciencian mujeres sobre la migración

Carlton Industries: is an arts and advocacy organization whose international programs focus on community empowerment through storytelling and the illumination of hidden realities that act as obstacles to global progress. Founded by theater artist and educator, Daniel Carlton, Carlton Industries has partnered with educational institutions, arts organizations and youth service providers on the creation of original productions and curricula in more than 20 states and 3 countries. Recent productions include the award nominated "Las Escenas de la Cruz (scenes of the cross)," based on the real experiences of the 12 immigrant teens, who performed it at the 2009 Midtown International Theater Festival in Manhattan.

The Migrant Family Support Center (CAFAMI): is a community center in San Francisco Tetlanohcan, which works to bring awareness of and attack the root causes of migration and reduce its negative impact on families, communities and traditional ways of life in the state of Tlaxcala. Some of their current programs include workshops in human and immigrant rights, classes in traditional and endangered local languages, classes in traditional crafts, after school programs for young people, and the community theater project.

IIPSOCULTA (Institute for Social and Cultural Practice and Research) has been working in Mexico since 2001 to create conditions for equity and justice for migrant families through education, organizing, and solidarity work. IIPSOCULTA provides training and support for people and communities that struggle in resistance to injustices. Some programs include: The Migrant Family Support Center in Mexico and U.S.; Community Organizers for Social Change Volunteer Programs and Internships in Mexico and U.S.; Families Without Borders in Mexico and U.S.; Spanish School for Social Justice in Mexico; Leadership Training for Immigrants in the United States.

Stephanie Bifolco
Program Director
phone: 516-592-1219

Daniel Carlton
Carlton Industries
phone: 917-509-7062

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