Monday, October 19, 2009

Troubled "E-Verify" Program Highlights Dysfunctional Immigration System

by Michelle Chen, In These Times
September 14, 2009

Even before they became the paper tiger in the healthcare reform circus, undocumented immigrants were Washington's favorite boogeyman in the politics surrounding the federal stimulus.

To quell paranoia about Americans' hard-earned tax dollars getting misspent, the Obama administration is requiring federal contractors to use the E-verify system for screening workers' immigration status. The new mandate was drawn up by the Bush administration, but never implemented until now.

The controversial program, which lets employers cross-check workers through Social Security Administration and Homeland Security databases, will be imposed on about 169,000 contractors and subcontractors under the plan. But E-verify has attracted criticism over the years as ineffective, discriminatory, and threatening to workers' rights.

So much for combating waste, fraud and abuse. [...]

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Brittanicus said...


Extraction by E-Verification will cause--expedited ATTRITION--without huge expenditures, without forced deportation. Agents of ICE only need to mobilize a large force of Auditors to investigate employer I-9 records nationwide, zeroing in on the 127 Sanctuary Cities. Not just new hires should be vetted through E-Verify, but--ALL--long-time employees. Nobody should be exempt, because jobs are being stolen by illegal nationals with fraudulent documents. There is always the Social Security Admin to resolve the hiring issue? Informants within the company can contact ICE if they have a suspicion individuals working there? Businesses should be responsive that there are severe monetary risks or even prison, for employing illegal employees?

We surely need exemplary court sentences for companies that hire illegal labor. So when unable to support themselves as jobs are no longer available, they will leave by their own accord. NOW IS THE TIME TO COMMAND OUR RETICENT SENATE & CONGRESSMAN TO IMPLEMENT E-VERIFY PERMANENTLY FOR EVERYBODY IN THE WORKPLACE AT 202-224-3121. Also investigate the prestigious public watchdog legal group at JUDICIAL WATCH relating too sleaze and corruption in--ALL--government. CAPSWEB will explain to you about the risk of OVERPOPULATION. We should boycott any store, manufacturer who doesn't display the E-Verify notice in the store window or in human resources departments. Nor do we need another AMNESTY, as the last one was abused by the open border nuts and fraudulently used by guest workers. IT WAS NEVER BROKEN, IF ENFORCED CORRECTLY? ANOTHER AMNESTY, JUST MEANS MORE COMPETITION FOR JOBS BY AMERICANS, AND MILLIONS MORE ASSAULTING THE BORDER FENCE. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION WILL NEVER STOP, UNLESS WE CUT OF--ALL--GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS AND PARASITE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?.